Raaghu react is a micro-frontend design system which enables you to build complex application pages, UI layouts by applying custom CSS to pre-built elements, components & pages.

Raaghu is an extended offering for all ABP commercial users who want to build products using react framework.

Raaghu Host and tenant admin application template with source code, access to icon library ( .ai and svg format), access to storybook portal, raaghu community, email and ticket-based support on all plans, premium support with unlimited tickets for enterprise users.

You can reach out to us on support@raaghu.io for any assistance required.

Once you have purchased a subscription, log on portal.raaghu.io to download the project template from homepage top navigation menu bar.

Project template provides ready to use Host admin & Tenant admin application pages with complete source code.

We do support active and previous major version. We do not guarantee a patch release for the 3rd and older major versions. For example, if the active version is 7.0.0, we will release patch for both 6.x.x and 7.x.x. Besides, we provide support only for raaghu react related issues. That means no support is given for the 3rd party applications, cloud services and other peripheral libraries used by ABP products. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide our customers with technical support during business hours. On the other hand, we do not commit to a service-level agreement (SLA) response time, but we will try to respond to technical issues as quickly as possible within our official working hours. Unless a special agreement is made with the customer, we only provide support at support@raaghu.io .We also have private email and live support, for Enterprise License holders.

Yes. You can buy additional tickets in team and business plans. For more details visit your portals “ My accounts” section. Or send an e-mail to support@raaghu.io with your organization's name. Here's the price list for the extra question credits:
  • 50 questions pack $999
  • 25 questions pack $625
  • 15 questions pack $450

You can create any number of projects during your active license period, there is no limit! However, after your license expires, you cannot create new projects, but can continue developing downloaded projects and deploy them to an unlimited count of servers.

Raaghu react licenses are per developer. However, you can add more developers to any license type whenever you need. Check our pricing plans page for license types, developer limits and additional developer costs.

You can upgrade to a higher license by paying the difference within your active license period. When you upgrade to a higher license plan, you get the benefits of the new plan, but the license upgrade does not change the license expiry date. Besides, you can also add new developer seats to your existing license, check out the "How many developers can work on the “raaghu-react" FAQ.

When you purchase a license, you become the license holder who will have access to organization management page. An organization has owner and developer roles. Owners can manage the developer seats and assign developers. Each assigned developer will login via raaghu CLI command into the system and will have development and support permissions.

Extend: After extending an existing license for required number of years you will continue receiving required support based on your chosen plan along with major or minor updates on modules and themes. You can also build newer projects with this extension. Upgrade: After upgrading to a higher subscription plan license for required number of years you will receive and/or have access to all applicable features/upgrades in the plan. This will be applicable till your plan term expires unless extended, wherein you will continue with plan benefits.

You can log-on to portal.raaghu.io and click on “ Extend” button on expiry date widget. This will take you to subscriptions plan, where you can extend and/or upgrade a plan as per your requirement.

Even if you renew before end date, license will extend from subscription expiry date. For example, if your license expires on 2023-06-06 and you renew it on 2023-01-01, your new license expiration date will be 2024-06-06.

Yes. Irrespective of chosen plan (team, business, Enterprise) you will have access to source code.

Once you have purchased a license/subscription plan, you can manage, add or remove developers within your organization.

Raaghu-react license is perpetual. After your license expires, you can continue developing your project without any renewal obligation. Your license comes with a 17-year update and support plan. To continue to get new features, performance enhancements, bug fixes, support and continue using raaghu, you need to renew your license. When your license expires: You cannot create new projects but continue developing existing applications forever. You will get updates within your minor version but not for next major or minor version. E.g., if you are using 7.2.0, you will get updates for 7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.2.3….etc. But not for 7.3.0. You cannot install new modules or themes released in later versions. You will not have access to premium support but can raise/report issues on our support forum.

You can extend (renew) your license if you want to continue getting these benefits. If you extend your license within 30 days after your license expires, the following discounts will be applied: Team License 20% discount for 1 year(s), 30% discount for 2 year(s), 40% discount for 3 year(s); Business License 40% discount for 1 year(s), 45% discount for 2 year(s), 50% discount for 3 year(s); Enterprise License 40% discount for 1 year(s), 45% discount for 2 year(s), 50% discount for 3 year(s).

Yes. You can select this option while purchasing a subscription or extending a license.

No. All our pricing plans are very competitive and best suited to meet your project requirements. If you are not satisfied with purchased plan, you can cancel subscription any time before end date and still use raaghu-react till perpetuity.

raaghu-react provides a ready to use UI design kit for re-designing applications from UX as well as facelift point of view keeping functionality.

Yes. It does support micro service architecture.

You can request a refund within 30 days of your license purchase. Since all license types have source-code download option, we provide a 60% refund within 30 days. In addition, no refunds are made for renewals and second license purchases.

If you made the payment using 2Checkout, you can refund VAT via your 2Checkout account:
  • Log in to your 2Checkout account
  • Find the appropriate order and press "Refund Belated VAT" (enter your VAT ID)
There are 2 payment gateways for purchasing a license: Iyzico and 2Checkout. If you purchase your license through the 2Checkout gateway, it sends the PDF invoice to your email address. Check-out 2Checkout invoicing. If you purchase through Iyzico gateway, with a custom purchase link or via a bank wire transfer, we will prepare and send your invoice. You can request or download your invoice from the organization management page. Before contacting us for the invoice, check your organization management page!
Yes, we accept bank wire transfers. After sending the license fee via bank transfer, send your receipt and requested license type to accounting@volosoft.com. Our international bank account information:
  • SWIFT Code:
  • Bank Name:
  • Address:
  • Account Name:
  • ISFC code:
  • Account Number:
  • Currency: USD
  • VAT number:
  • For other currencies, see all accounts.